About Us

Welcome to First Choice Music Contest, the ultimate platform for aspiring young artists to launch their music career and achieve stardom. We are more than just a music competition; we are a gateway to success and recognition in the music industry.

By participating in First Choice Music Contest, contestants open doors to incredible opportunities. Winning cash prizes, securing a record deal, becoming a brand ambassador, collaborating with established artists, enjoying a free leisure trip to Dubai, and receiving a high-quality video and promotional support. These are all part of the amazing rewards we offer to our winners.

But we don’t stop there. We go above and beyond to ensure that our contestants receive the recognition they deserve. We have meticulously curated an extensive network of marketing channels, reaching out to bloggers, tiktokers, media outlets, influencers, WhatsApp TVs, and employing street promotions. Our aim is to propel the entertainment industry in Cameroon to unmatched heights.

No matter your musical inclination, whether you’re a talented gospel artist, an RnB sensation, an afrobeat maestro, a reggae enthusiast, a skilled njang performer, a band virtuoso, or even a country music lover, First Choice Music Contest welcomes you with open arms. We believe in the diversity and richness of music, and that’s why we provide a platform for artists from all genres.

Now is the time to make your mark on the industry. Take a chance, seize this opportunity for fame and recognition. Join First Choice Music Contest and become a part of the journey to music success. Together, let’s create a legacy that will resonate throughout the ages.

We understand that the music industry can be intimidating and difficult to navigate for young and inexperienced artists. That’s why we are here to guide them and provide them with resources to overcome any challenges that come their way. We want to empower these young talents to achieve their goals and reach their full potential, both locally and internationally.